FreshBox Farms Announce Kosher Certification

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MetroWest Business Briefs for Feb. 16, 2017 FreshBox Farms announce kosher certification FreshBox Farms, of Millis, has announced its greens have earned kosher certification, the only Massachusetts grower to achieve the designation. FreshBox Farms uses sustainable indoor growing enclosures with no soil, very little water, a nutrient mix and LED lighting to produce. All FreshBox Farms products are non-GMO … Read More

Forbes: Technology Hits The Fields

TechnologyHitsFields During a recent blizzard in Massachusetts, Sonia Lo, CEO of FreshBox Farms, was in a grocery store suggesting to skeptical patrons that they sample her leafy greens. “They were picked yesterday,” is what she told tasters. She also told them no, they weren’t picked elsewhere and flown in that morning. Lo’s greens — over 30 different types — grow … Read More