How to Invest in Leafy-Green Indoor Agriculture


How to Invest in Leafy-Green Indoor Agriculture

By Dave Vosburg, CFO and SVP Strategy of Crop One Holdings

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…investors are starting to put some big bucks behind it. Indoor farming startups growing fruits and vegetables globally have raised $285 million since the start of 2017, with particularly large rounds for US-based vertical farms pushing the sector to its highest ever investment levels, according to AgFunder data.

The question is, who will win this market in the end?

No doubt you’ve seen several indoor agriculture companies that claim to be the best at growing leafy greens (lettuces, herbs, etc.) indoors. For any number of reasons, they claim to be better than their peers who are also vying for your funding dollars. But how do you tell the difference between them?

Here are seven simple metrics that will tell you if the company is worth your investment dollars.


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