Women in Agtech: Sonia Lo of FreshBox Farms is a Female CEO in Indoor Ag


Women in Agtech: Sonia Lo of FreshBox Farms is a Female CEO in Indoor Ag

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Excerpt from Article:

You’re bio is a bit intimidating. You speak seven languages, you’re an investor in your own right, you were a professional chef and you have a third-degree blackbelt in Tae-Kwon Do. You’re also a woman of color. When you walk into a board room of any kind, what do you feel is the most prominent aspect of your person that is perceived by others?

Funny you should say that. I was recently advised to emphasize certain aspects of my personal background that I would normally not have thought to include. I am all of the things that you point out, but I’m also a mom and a farmer and an entrepreneur. The market for produce, is 85% women (mostly moms) who are feeding their families. And yet, here I was, not really seeing that I am the only CEO of a major vertical farming company that is our target demographic. Despite all the languages, I fell into a specific vocabulary and mindset, and I’m glad we had this wise advice about speaking to my other strengths. So now I’m pitching as “Mommy Farmer” – which resonates with investors and customers alike.

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