How We Can Cultivate a More Sustainable Future for Farming

How We Can Cultivate a More Sustainable Future for Farming

With vertical farming technology, Crop One Holdings (COH) can improve produce food safety and quality, especially in urban centers.

By 2030, the global population should reach 9 billion. Traditional agricultural methods are too far from the point of consumption (or there is disruption in the supply chain) and food waste is devastatingly high. The future is in vertical farming and digitally distributed agriculture (DDA), with COH leading the way.

Rethinking farms

Assuming land is available, traditional farming may produce enough food to feed the population. However, farming land is often thousands of miles from where food is consumed. Processors hold more market power than farmers — they guarantee supply and distribution. The benefit of vertical farming, said Sonia Lo, CEO of COH, the largest vertical farming operator in the world, is that you can be located close to urban centers, use a small geographic footprint, and have a direct relationship with your customer — cutting food waste to less than… (read more here)

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