How We Do It!

Discover FreshBox Farms’ proven and unique method to growing the perfect produce.

Growing a better tomorrow

FreshBox Farms is dedicated to growing a better future.
Our goal is to sustainably bring digitally controlled agriculture locally into any environment.

Hydroponic Enclosures

All of our produce is grown hydroponically in specially outfitted enclosures. Each unit operates on its own as a fully sustainable farm with its environment carefully managed through mechanical and digital controls. This means year-round quality food production without the need to transport food cross-country. A clean growing environment also means no need for pesticides or herbicides.


Our seedlings start off as tiny little plants neatly contained in cork-sized blocks. We grow all of our seedlings ourselves from carefully selected, non-GMO seeds. From there they are planted in our hydroponics system and nurtured, to grow to larger full sized plants for harvest.


Perfect produce needs the perfect combination of water, nutrients, and light.

Harvesting & Packaging

Each vegetable is harvested using our proprietary system, by our Harvest team, who wear gloves to prevent contamination. The produce is then packaged locally and shipped locally – ready to go on store shelves often within hours!

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