Growing More, Using Less

Sustainable, pure, and healthy agriculture. FreshBox Farms is changing the way we farm: reducing our ecological footprint; shortening distances from production to consumption – providing people with fresher, healthier, tastier produce.

Much Less Water

Traditional agricultural practices take water for granted. Irrigation systems in modern farms can be inefficient and wasteful. In fact, over 90% of the water used in traditional agriculture simply evaporates. Each FreshBox vegetable is provided with only the water it needs, and no more. We use greater than 99% less water than traditional agriculture.

Much Less Land and Transportation

Traditionally crops have been grown in flat fields, in one layer, across millions of acres. This is not at all practical in a city, or even in a suburb. FreshBox Farms solves that problem – our BoxFarms are in cities and suburbs. Our enclosures can be placed in warehouses or even in buildings, on various floors. Skyscrapers could be our new farmland. We can grow the equivalent of multiple acres of land (between 2 and 19, depending on the vegetable being grown) in one enclosure. This, of course, also means our vegetables don’t travel very far to get to your tables.

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No Pesticides or Herbicides

Poisons do not belong in the food we eat. Because our vegetables grow in a controlled enclosure, they don’t have to fight off bugs, bacteria, and other nasties. And that means no pesticides or herbicides go into our water supply or onto our leaves, or, most important, into your food!


FreshBox Farms’ foods are never from genetically modified organisms (GMO). We obtain incredibly high, consistent food yields by using smart MECHANICAL techniques and digital monitoring – creating the perfect environment for our plants. We don’t need GMOs to increase our yields or be pest-resistant.