Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about our products and what we do!


How old are the greens when they get to store?
Our produce is delivered to the stores within 24 hours of harvest; often in the same day.
Did you know?70% of the produce in New England comes from Southern California and takes up to 14 days to arrive in stores?
What does local really mean?
Great question!  Depending on who you ask, ‘Local’ may be defined as anything grown within 10 miles, 500 miles, or even over 1,000 miles. We define local as within 100 miles of our farm. Furthermore, FreshBox Farms also creates local jobs!
What makes the greens so fresh?
Along with delivering our greens to local stores just hours after harvest, we maintain a consistent cold chain of 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
Where are the leafy greens grown?
FreshBox Farms’ greens are grown at our farm in Millis, Massachusetts. We grow indoors so our greens are always in-season.
How can I keep my greens fresh?
FreshBox Farms greens should be sealed in their original packaging and refrigerated at all times.
Can I eat the greens past the sell-by date?
Our greens are harvested, packaged, and on the shelves within 24 hours; nearly two weeks faster than what we’ve grown to accept. This means that FreshBox Farms’ greens may be safe to eat beyond the sell-by date if stored and handled properly. However, we cannot recommend consuming our greens past the sell-by date.


Do you use pesticides, herbicides, and/or fungicides?
Absolutely not! We grow our greens in a clean and safe environment eliminating any need to use yucky and dangerous chemicals.
Do you use any organic pesticides like those used in organic farming?
Nope. Never. Absolutely zero pesticides.
Did you know? Organically grown produce can be treated with ‘organic pesticides?’ Organic and synthetic based pesticides are designed to have the same effect–kill pests!
Is there anything added to the greens to preserve them?
There are no additives or preservatives of any kind in any of products; just natural taste and superb freshness.
Are FreshBox Farms Genetically Modified?
Our verified products are produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standards—that requires ongoing testing of all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections, and an annual audit to ensure we’re meeting the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance.
Are FreshBox Farms’ products organic?
Our products begin with Non-GMO & organic seeds and we never use any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, therefore offering the valued benefits often sought when choosing organic foods. Since FreshBox Farms does not farm in soil, we are not eligible for USDA organic certification at this time.
Are FreshBox Farms greens Kosher?
Yes! All of our leafy greens are KVH Kosher Certified by the Rabbicinal Council of New England, one of the oldest and top Kosher certification agencies in North America. Read our blog post to learn more about what our certification means for you. Read our blog post


Are the greens pre-washed?
We don’t pre-wash or triple-wash our greens because they are grown in a clean and contaminant-free environment. Our greens are clean from seedling to packaging. Should you choose to wash the greens, please do so under cold running water in a sink that has been sanitized to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. And never soak or store the greens in water.
Did you know? Pre-washing greens uses chemicals like chlorine and titanium dioxide to rid field-grown lettuce of the endless list of possible contaminants that they are exposed to.
What is FreshBox Farms commitment to Food Safety?
FreshBox Farms is proudly certified by the Commonwealth Quality Program (CQP) of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. This ensures that our food safety standards adhere to the audit programs set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs) program.
Do your containers contain BPA?
No they do not! BPA (bisphenol) is found in many plastics and believed to have negative side effects on one’s health.

Why are there “Wash Well Before Use” labels on some of your packages?
FreshBox Farms is committed to growing the highest quality fresh produce. Our ultraclean, soilless growing practices means that our leafy greens are not exposed to the same contaminants as outdoor farms may be.

Achieving this level of quality is met in part by providing the cleanest produce possible. This is how we do it:

  • Controlled environment. Every seed is planted and grown in completely sealed and clean “growth rooms”. Growth rooms provide the ideal light, heat, and humidity for optimal growth. High-grade air filters keep the air free from irritants or impurities.
  • Pure water planting. Our soilless, hydroponic farms use an advanced water purification system. Plants are nourished in clean and purified water.
  • Picked and packed fresh. When ready, plants are carefully harvested and packed by our trained team who have traded traditional farm-wear for clean white coats, hairnets, and gloves.

This process is certified for Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The same steps are taken for every bit of produce grown so that all of our customers receive the same, high-quality and Kosher-certified leafy greens. However, each store has their own package labeling requirements for fresh produce. Some grocers ask their produce providers to include a label that says, “Wash Well Before Use”. We want to make sure FreshBox Farms’ produce is available to as many people in the area as possible, so we have no problem adding the label. As local a farm, we’re just happy to be on their shelf.


Are your products’ plastic containers recyclable?
Yes, our clamshell containers are made with PET #1 plastic and are 100% recyclable. Some common uses of these recycled containers include: tote bags, composite lumber, carpeting, and polar fleece.
Did you know? PET plastic is the most recycled plastic in the United States and can be recycled again and again and again. And the environmental impact of PET is very favorable compared to glass and aluminum.
How and why does FreshBox Farms grow indoors?
FreshBox Farms grows indoors by using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) where our modern-day farmers provide the perfect temperature, humidity, and lighting for our crops to grow hydroponically. These sustainable farming methods provide consistent quality harvests all year long!
Did you know? Mickey Mouse has been farming sustainably using Controlled Environment Agriculture at Disney EPCOT’s The Land Pavilion for over 30 years.
What is hydroponics?
Hydroponics is actually quite simple. Instead of the plant’s roots burrowing through soil to find nutrients, the roots sit in filtered circulating water that delivers the nutrients needed for growth.
How is FreshBox Farms sustainable?
Because hydroponics allows the plant’s roots to sit directly in water to receive nutrients we use 99% less water than field farming. Our indoor growing system allows us to grow vertically on shelves using a much smaller footprint; depending on the crop grown, one of our 320 square foot farms can yield as much as nineteen-acres of farmland.


Do greens grown hydroponically taste as good as field-grown?
This is a common question that can best be answered by tasting for yourself. Being able to provide the plants exactly what they need during growth, ensuring ultimate freshness, and never exposing them to pesticides, herbicides, or other yucky-gross stuff, it’s no surprise that we’re consistently told that our greens do taste the best!
Are your greens ‘baby leaf’?
Because we nurture our greens in a controlled environment, where they are also far less susceptible to plant diseases, they are able to grow full-size while retaining the tenderness of baby leaves.
Are greens really that healthy for me?
They’re incredibly good for you! Generally speaking, the darker the green, the more nutrient-dense it will be. Dark greens like Spinach, Kale and darker lettuces, such as Romaine, contain large amounts vitamins A, K & C, and the minerals Iron and Calcium—earning them the title of “superfoods.” Lighter colored greens may not be superfoods, but they remain low-calorie, high in fiber, and have impressive amounts of vitamins, such as A, K and B9 (folate), and the mineral Potassium, along with other vitamins and minerals.
Did you know? Lettuce has only 12 calories in 1 shredded cup, along with being high in fiber and cellulose, this makes lettuce great for losing weight!
Why do some leafy greens taste peppery or spicy?
Some greens belong to the Brassicaceae genus of plants, in the Mustard family. This includes greens such as: Arugula, Mizuna, Horseradish, and Wasabi. These plants have an enzyme that is released when chewed, generating the spicy or peppery sensation.