The Future of Farming: Agriculture & Water Conservation


The agricultural industry is the United States’ largest consumer of water, accounting for 80% of the nation’s consumptive water usage. Today, that number is more relevant than ever, as 18.8% of the lower 48 U.S. states are currently experiencing drought conditions. Water is an incredibly valuable national resource, and should be given the attention that it deserves.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA): More than Hydroponics


With technology evolving quickly enough for science fiction to become an overnight reality, it’s not surprising that news outlets seem to feature vertical agriculture, indoor farming, or hydroponic growing every few days. Futuristic urban buildings that contain lettuce grown in plastic pipes and farmers dressed in lab-coats do make for a great story, after all.

FreshBox Farms CEO serves as panelist at VERGE 16


MILLIS — FreshBox Farms CEO Sonia Lo was among the panelists at VERGE 16, exploring how innovation can improve food safety and provide for those in need. VERGE 16 is a global event series focusing on the technologies and systems that accelerate sustainability solutions. The Sept. 19-22 conference was held in Santa Clara, California.

Innovative Farming Technique Helps Company Beat Statewide Drought

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With much of the state under drought conditions, the lack of rain is taking its toll on traditional farming. But one farming sector is safe from that drought thanks to something called hydroponic farming – growing plants and vegetables in a trough of water, not soil.

Producing results in produce


Can we say FreshBox Farms thinks outside the box with its vertical farming technology? Or perhaps the Millis-based company thinks inside the box, too, as the produce from this technology grows in containers.