We're still Growing!

Our mission here at FreshBox Farms is to feed the world responsibly, sustainably, and locally.

As we monitor the situation with COVID-19, we want to assure you that we are continuing to fulfill that mission with our leafy greens!

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We understand during this uncertain time, taking a trip to your local grocery store may prove challenging.

Bostonians can now order their FreshBox Farms brand of leafy greens direct from home by logging onto Roche  Brothers.

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We have limited our vertical farm team to only essential production personnel.

We're Still Growing

Our production crew, which has always followed strict food-safety hygiene practices, is continuing to work and provide fresh, safe and clean produce to markets in the Greater Boston area.

Avoiding Contamination since 2013

Our 5 Factors in making this all possible
1. Modular Controlled Approach

Our modular (Mod) indoor grow units are 100% concealed and controlled. Before anyone enters the concealed environments, they put on a clean lab coat, hairnet and gloves, within a separate anteroom, to prevent the introduction of airborne microbes and insects. We control everything our plants breathe from humidity, light, wind and temperature in a completely sealed environment that is insect-free and weather resistant.

2. Clean Water

We filter and fuss over water to control for contaminants, chemicals, heavy metals and other unwanted impurities through a multi-step, quality-controlled purification system.

3. Optimal Nutrition

Our plant and nutritional science team manages and delivers optimal and personalized nutrition to each crop. We want our plants to thrive so that you will too.

4. Fresher, Longer

We deliver fresh greens from farm to grocer within 24 hours, and only deliver within 300 miles, so our greens stay fresh longer - up to 4 weeks after purchase.

5. Effective & Efficient

Our team and partners are always modifying and advancing the technology and process needed to harvest the freshest crops year-round, anywhere. Our multi-cut system improves our efficiency so we can harvest 10-12 times more than outdoor farms in a year. We use 5% of the land as outdoor farms and 95-99% less water than outdoor farms to grow the same amount of food.

Food safety has always been our top priority and feeding our community with the freshest greens, free of any pesticides, chemicals or contagion, is now more important than ever

We thank you for your continued support and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.